Business Continuity

At Raceme Infotech, we practice certain daily activities and possess resources to ensure that critical business functions will be available to our clients even at the time of contingencies. We follow the world’s finest business continuity model that includes the following components

Disaster mitigation measures

In the event of contingency, we have a disaster mitigation department that immediately comes in action. They review the situation with the managing director and take all security measures. Some key steps include:
  • In case of natural calamities, collaborating with the police, fire department and local governing bodies
  • Organizing training programs to create awareness among office staff
  • Reviewing security measures on a daily basis
  • Consulting with experts who deal with similar situations
  • Effective Data Backup system
  • Collaborating with our medical officer 

Fire Safety

The company has installed standard fire safety, which includes smoke alarm, emergency exit and B&C type extinguishers.

Power Back up

We make sure that our professionals work without any interruption; therefore, we confer utmost priority to power back up. We have multiple power back up system ensuring uninterrupted power supply. In case of power cut or voltage fluctuation, our generators automatically take charge that helps our systems and server function smoothly.  We also employ high performance UPS systems, which are fully redundant with automatic failover.