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Development Methodology

At Raceme Infotech, we share emotional relationship with our client. Our passion for integrity with basic tenets, mutual trust and understanding guides us. We strongly believe in their involvement in the development process of all the projects. We begin by conducting a rigorous research on the projects’ requirements and proceed only after drawing an outline, discussing with our expert teams, and addressing our clients.

Once developing and testing is over, we invite our clients’ feedback and suggestions. It helps us avoid unnecessary updates or alterations, which generally result into project delivery delay. Creativity along with fresh perspective is the key in every single step of our interaction with clients.
The following model represents our methodologies:

Receiving the inquiry

(It reaches us in various modes of communication, preferably in a written form

Formulating a common vision

(Involves communicating with our clients, understanding their requirements and creating an outline of the project)

Conducting a research

(It helps us research viability, clarify the details and check up to date stipulations)

Evaluation and projection

(This involves providing clients with the details and turnaround time)

Discussion and approval

(Discussing project’s progress and reaching a mutual approval to finalize the same)

Working on the project

(Working sincerely to meet milestones, making sure each phase of the project is smoothly moving)

Project completion

(Completing the project and handing it over to the clients, conducting training sessions if required)

Post-project support

(Providing support to post-project requirements)

At Raceme Infotech, we make sure our project development to be as lucid as possible. Ideally, we go phase by phase; this ensures we meet objectives in stipulated time. Nothing is as rewarding as seeing our clients’ happy and beaming faces.