what matters ?

Only Performance
We value your individually. You would never be judged by your race, religion, creed, ethinic background or  accent.  At Raceme only your performance matters.

The Japanese term ‘Keizen’ first appeared in Masaaki Imai’s book ‘KEIZEN’, which means ‘consistent change for betterment’, is the practical implications for bringing the internal improvement in the organization. It was a familiar argot to Western hemisphere; later the term was imported by all.


  • Problems are visible and resolved from the root
  • Minute improvements are added to chief benefits for the company
  • All the small improvements which cause competitive advantage, punctuality on delivering the products, and greater degree of clients’ satisfaction are brought into existence
  • Each professional has been involved to summon the positive changes and fertile the work culture with innovative ideas

Kaizen Event
  • Kaizen is implemented on a particular section of a business
  • Choose a team leader who has the proper training
  • Discuss the concerning problems upon which Keizen should be implemented
  • The team should concentrate on the variety of small issues which play major role behind successful business
  • Team will pick up the problems one by one to resolve them successfully
  • After pointing out the concerning parts they will research what are the trouble on the way of removing those main problem
  • Issues have to be measured properly- how will they proceed? and how will they tackle the present situation?
  • All the necessary information are mustered together
  • After decide them accurately, finally the team will come with the date of execution

 Have fun while working

Isn’t it difficult to imagine a workplace where seriousness engulfs the environment, where there is no fun, no concern for each other; no interaction amongst employees? A complete droning and hectic. Realizing the benefit of having fun, we have implanted tinge of fun through celebrating small achievements. 

We believe taking pleasure in doing what one is doing literary imbues kinetic energy and liberates from the feeling of unpleasantness. A survey has discovered employees with humor are more innovative and superior decision maker. Fun has multi-fold positive impact on employees and has leverage to translate a serious work place into profitable work environment. Humor is a stress killer; so, we emphasize proving a relaxed and effervescent atmosphere for our employees      

Accept challenge

The road to success is full of hindrances that might apparently seem frightful and build frustration; but they certainly come with positive approach. They test our perseverance and courage; they make us stronger, tougher with never say die attitude.

We always try creating a challenging work culture where every professional can nurture their skill in the best possible way and become more productive. Our team of talented people technologists, process experts, equipment designers, applications specialists, and maintenance experts are challenge seekers. Our work culture is wrapped up with experiments and opportunities where the team mates reap their own rewards. 
Be a team player.

“Nothing can be accomplished alone.” Working within a team has plenty of advantages:

  • Team work requires each professional’s proactive participation which facilitates achievements of tasks and develops a feeling of togetherness.
  • Quality of performance can be easily evaluated and improved according to the feedbacks
  • Each professional can have the opportunity of playing the role of team leader and contribute their resources which determines cohesion among the group
  • Every one’s talents, skills are recognized and weaknesses can easily be understood and translated into productivity
  • Any slice of problems or conflicts can easily be resolved with the assist of team member
  • It makes the learning process fast under the guidelines of other skilled professionals

Thus, a team proceeds achieving even the toughest goal after recognizing and eliminating them. It creates the ambience of honesty, trust and sincerity and shares a code of values.